Nissan GTR - The Truth Published 23rd May 2014

I own a Nissan GTR and purchased it after reading the reviews and looking at the claims Nissan made about their car. Nissan claimed performance and quality that was a match for German car manufacturer Porsche. I'm putting this site up to tell the truth. I have no affinity to any car manufacturer and my motive is that I am disgusted at the way Nissan have behaved.

Nissan GTRNissan GTR Logo

Nissan's advertising reads - The Germans Came Off Wurst - only in the imagination of Nissan's marketing department

If all you want to do is drive to Tesco for the shopping and tear away from the lights going home this car is for you.However if you're looking for the real thing this car fails.

The Nissan GTR is fast and on a single lap of a track it can be as quick as a Porsche GT3. That is where the hype ends. On subsequent laps the Porsche will be faster because the Nissan GTR will be sitting at the side of the track cooling off or broken. If you do try to drive it more than a few quick laps it will simply overheat and the brakes will burn out not to mention serious problems with the transmission. The transmission is known to overheat badly and ignoring this will simply cause it to fail. These problems are well know to Nissan and yet they continue to ignore them. See the comment from another forum at the end of this page.

The fact is the Nissan GTR can only sustain its claimed performance for a very short period of time before it overheats and the driver is forced to slow, stop or damage the car. It's designed to do just enough to win a reviewer over, or make a good YouTube video. In the real world it fails badly. I recently came back from a weekend at Spa which was cut short because the front disks failed making the car unusable. None of the other cars which included Lotus, BMW, Porsche and Audi had problems like this. Only my and another Nissan GTR that was out there had these issues.

As a result I spent the rest of the event, almost half of it, watching the real super cars go round the track. After my Nissan GTR broke a Porsche owner took me round in his orange Porsche GT3 RS. The only way the Nissan GTR badge was getting back on the track was if the Porsche Driver wore the GTR jacket as he drove round (see the photos below).

Nissan designed the GTR to hit some impressive numbers and last long enough to look good on paper. To get these results and keep the cost down they cut back on quality and this means if you actually try to use the car for any sustained period of time it will just fail and end up costing its owner lot of money. That is why the car was so cheap to start with. The Nissan GTR's value for money its actually very poor. Read the GTR forums and you will see many posts from other angry owners who have been taken in by Nissan's miss leading advertising and ended up paying for it.

Nissan, should be ashamed - their adverts claiming they were a match for Porsche are a fantasy and untrue. I am not going to simply shrug my shoulders and put up with this, Nissan are in the wrong and they have deceived their customers.

Below - The GTR brakes failed. A mechanic at Spa removes a wheel and confirms what he suspected. "Its is a problem with GTRs" he said "they're just not up to the job" . The transmission is also known to be a problem.
Broken Nissan GTR Nissan GTR breaks fail  
Serious cracks and heat damage is clear. This car is going nowhere and certainly not fast! Welcome to the real Nissan GTR.  
Close up of GTR Breaks GTR brakes failed  
Thanks a bunch Nissan - This has ruined the event for myself and my son.  
Wasted track day Nissan's Genuinely Terrible Reliability ruined our weekend.  
The Porsche has no such problems and can stay on the track lap after lap. The only way the GTR badge is going round the track is when the jacket is worn by a Porsche driver.  
Porsche to the rescue GTR Badge  

Thanks to a kind Porsche driver the second day was not completely ruined.

When I approached Nissan UK and asked them to simply contribute to replacing the disks the answer was a flat NO and they could not have cared less. My local Nissan dealer, Desira were very helpful and did their best but the support from Nissan was terrible and some of the worst customer service I have ever received.

At least one thing is consistent about Nissan, the quality of their customer service matches their quality of their GTR.

A big thank you to Jacob and Stacy for the use of their Porsche GT3 RS. I know what I will be buying next time. Anyone want to buy a second hand Nissan Genuinely Terrible Reliability?

GTR driver in Porsche Thanks  
Nissan GTR forum post